Epididymitis and Prostatitis

Epididymitis and prostatitis are closely related. Infection of one often cause infection of the other. In our surgery center, many previous patients also have epididymitis in addition to prostatitis, in some cases epididymitis is the major problem of pain and symptoms. Epididymitis is often prescribed with oral antibiotics, however, the effect is minimal because the blockage in epididymis, and also the real source of infection is from the prostate.



Surgery With Epididymitis

Epididymitis is the infection of epididymis. Before search cure for epididymitis, we need to know the mechanism of epididymitis.

Epididymis is at the rear end of the whole sperm duct, usually it is very difficult for infection to start in epididymis. However, the opening of urethra is exposed to outside threats, unprotected sex, physical contact with source of bacteria are only a few causes of infection. Once the infection spread to the prostate, it go further to the epididymis area after some time.


Epididymis Surgery

At this moment, patients usually start to take multiple courses of antibiotics, heavy dosage of antibiotics have no problem in elimination of all bacteria in the genital organs except the prostate due the physiological structure. After epididymis is cleared of infection, it has a temporary relief. However, once a course of antibiotics is stopped, bacteria hiding in the prostate start to grow again and slowly spread to the epididymis, now epididymis is re-infected with bacteria.

This vicious cycle repeats again and again when patients take one course of oral antibiotics after another. After several years, epididymis starts to have blockage due to long term infection. You start to feel constant dull pain in the epididymis.


Cause of Epididymitis

When you are searching for cure on epididymitis, you need to understand the above theory. A cure for epididymitis actually is the cure for prostate. It all goes again back to prostatitis.

Epididymal Surgery

In our surgery center, for cases with more severe pain and symptoms in epididymis than the prostate, epididymal prostatectomy surgery injects medicine to the sperm duct near epididymis, at the same time, prostatectomy is also applied to the core of the prostate. After several weeks of prostate surgery and epididymal surgery on both organs, infection and blockage are gone, pain and symptoms on epididymis are greatly reduced.

Epididymis Surgery and Prostate Surgery

Surgical Injection on epididymis is easier and simpler than surgical injection on the prostate, if you have major symptoms on epididymis, cure rate is even higher with these cases. However, we still need to have certain amount of prostatectomy sessions on the prostate just to make sure no bacteria is hiding in it.


Epididymitis Blockage

You have heard a lot about prostate blockage in this website, you probably have never heard about blockage in epididymitis. These two kinds of blockage is similar.

When infection is inside epididymis, bacteria grow rapidly and start to produce inflammatory waste, after some time, these waste starts to block the epididymis and even the sperm ducts, pain and symptoms are getting more intense at this stage, if you touch the epididymis with your fingers, it is enlarged, rough, harder and with pain.

Epididymitis seriously affects fertility, infection and blockage cause yellow semen, thick semen, reduced semen volume. Cases with epididymitis often have dead sperms, inactive sperms, or low count of sperms in semen.

Once epididymis is blocked, pain and symptoms aggravate to a higher level, you may lost all libido due to the pain in epididymis.

Our prostatectomy surgery on epididymitis is the only treatment that could cure epididymitis with blockage in the whole world. A needle is injected at the side of pubic area so that the direction of needle is parallel to the sperm duct, then medicine is released along the sperm duct area, the medicine slowly diffuse into the epididymis and other area, and then remove infection and blockage.

Epididymitis and Sperm Duct Infection

When infected with epididymitis, you can tell the changes of epididymis with fingers, you should also check the sperm duct connecting the epididymis, the sperm duct is also enlarged, rough, and very hard. These symptoms are caused by blockage and infection.

Infection of the sperm duct and epididymis originates from the same source, the prostate. A cure for sperm duct infection is also the cure for prostatitis. After prostatitis is cured, sperm duct infection is also cured after a few prostatectomy sessions.


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